Government agencies are responsible for keeping citizens and societies safe and secure, and this includes connectivity and internet services. As the world becomes more connected and the reliance on internet services increases, the work for government agencies becomes more complex. Sandvine can help telecom agencies enforce their telecom policies and ensure the quality of broadband while protecting citizens against threats.


In the interest of consumers, telecom agencies (Communication ministries and telecom regulatory agencies) want to ensure that the services delivered by operators match advertisements and consumers are protected from malicious and dangerous content online. For telecom agencies, Sandvine offers a high capacity solution that is already deployed in many telecom networks worldwide that can scale to country-wide deployments. Sandvine’s solution is agile and flexible enough to change with the regulatory environment where telecom policies may need to change rapidly due to technology change.

Sandvine’s Government solutions are developed for a modern, connected society to serve and protect citizens, secure infrastructure, and ensure a fair and competitive market environment. Our unique ability to scale to nationwide deployments for hundreds of millions of broadband connections while delivering multiple solutions positions Sandvine as a strategic partner to telecom agencies worldwide.


Telecom Agency Solutions

Sandvine's solutions enable telecom agencies to gain visibility into the quality that is being delivered to consumers and to verify the truth in advertising for those services.


Success story

A national telecom regulatory agency deployed Sandvine solutions both to solve compliance as well as law enforcement challenges. For compliance, the Regulatory Quality Monitoring use case is used to give monthly reports to both the network operators in the country as well as the consumers on the quality and performance of their broadband delivery across 10s of millions of users spread on fixed and mobile networks.

For this customer, Sandvine delivers a unique independent view of national broadband quality, enabling them to enhance their worldwide competitiveness without sacrificing the safety and security of their citizens.