In a digital society

forward-looking governments are modernizing their IT and network infrastructure to deliver advanced public safety, smart city, and social services. Government services delivered at scale are underpinned by intelligent traffic management that can:

  • Support large, distributed and remote public sector workforces using secure videoconferencing and virtual desktops;
  • Automatically identify and differentiate between government critical and unacceptable applications;
  • Anticipate and mitigate constantly evolving cyber threats; and
  • Manage user traffic based on government agency, department or location-based usage policies.

Securing and assuring government network performance is critical and requires that network and IT administrators have the ability to identify and manage users and devices based on a number of factors, including: traffic sources (application, location, group), traffic anomalies (connection rate burst, volume spikes, malicious attacks) and traffic policies. Moreover, solutions need machine learning and automation to enable real-time response to network events.


Public Sector solutions and use cases

Public Sector Networks
Support distributed and remote workforces, and deliver advanced digital services to citizens
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Fair Use & Congestion Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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Video Streaming Management
Manage video bandwidth resolutions and deliver consistent streaming experiences
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Usage-based Services
Increase revenue by launching innovative service plans based on perceived value and user behavior
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  • Improved productivity and service delivery
  • Application prioritization
  • User experience management
  • Automated traffic anomaly management – malicious, bots, distributed denial of service

More than ever, societies are demanding advanced public safety, smart city, and social services. Intelligent traffic management is the cornerstone to delivering the government service experiences that citizens have come to expect.

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